LockView® software

LockView provides overall management of an infinite amount of CompX eLocks. Administrators can establish databases of users and eLocks, manage temperature monitoring data and view audit trail logs.

LockView® software

LockView 4 (200/300 Series eLocks) | LockView 3 (100 Series eLocks only)

LockView 4 is for use with 300 & 200 series eLocks only. LockView 4 is easy to use, with many programmable options, and allows access to any eLock from any computer on the network. LockView provides a comprehensive audit trail of the last 15,000 access attempts and records up to 500,000 temperature data points. If connected to the network, LockView has the ability to send escalating alerts to list of responders. Notifications can be sent via email, text, voice messaging or fax. Click for more information on LockView 4.

LockView 3 is for use with 100 Series eLocks only. LockView makes it easy to monitor audit trails for the last 1,500 access attempts, manage users and eLocks, and assign time-based restrictions / dual credential access. Downloading and uploading information is simple. Attach one end of the RJ-11 cable to the back of the CompX eLock° and the other end to a laptop computer. Click for more information on LockView 3.

LockView® - License

Click to view the LockView software license. The LockView license provides acceptable usage, terms, warranty and other conditions of use. Call 847-752-2500 with any questions.

LockView® - Warranty

Standard warranty on software is 90 days from date of purchase and registration. There are no yearly service costs, but additional tech support is offered at an additional charge.

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