eLock Firmware

Keep CompX eLock up-to-date and running seamlessly with occasional firmware updates.


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eLock Firmware

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Download the 200/300 Series CompX eLock refrigerator lock firmware.
v1.103768 (Mar 02 2017)

Download the 200/300 Series CompX eLock cabinet lock firmware.
v1.103942 (Sep 20 2017)

Cabinet HUB:
Download the 200/300 Series CompX eLock cabinet HUB lock firmware.
v1.103949 (Oct 30 2017)

Download the 200/300 Series CompX eLock OEM firmware.
v1.103940 (Jun 30 2017)

Move the downloaded firmware file to the computer on which LockView is installed.

In LockView:
  1. Click on Window
  2. Click on More Windows...
  3. screenshot 1
  4. type fwmgr
  5. Click OK
  6. screenshot 2 screenshot 3
  7. Click Browse...
  8. screenshot 4
  9. Navigate to the location of the firmware file
    (in the example above, the file has been saved to the Lockview4 folder)
  10. Double click on the firmware file name
  11. screenshot 5
  12. Confirm the Firmware File Name: and Firmware Date: are correct
  13. Click Commit the Update Option
screenshot 6

The above will appear.

For networked eLocks, the firmware will automatically upload the next time the eLock(s) check-in to the network. To initiate an immediate upload for networked eLocks press the NETWORK button on each eLock or attach the USB cable to each eLock and connect to LockView.

For stand-alone eLocks, attach the USB cable to each eLock and connect to LockView.

WARNING! Once the firmware begins to upload (step 9), it is critical that the process is completed before disconnecting the eLock(s).

screenshot 7

Confirm the firmware version has successfully uploaded at the eLock by pressing BACK/CANCEL button. The above will appear on the eLock LCD; verify this matches what is in LockView under Read/Write Lock; Lock Settings (below).

screenshot 8

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