CompX eLocks — cabinet and refrigerator / freezer — are used in various markets ranging from healthcare to industrial, from research to EMS vehicles.


Healthcare | EMS | Education / Research | Pharmaceutical | Industrial / Safety | Food / Beverage | Custom eLock


CompX eLocks are the only products available that provide electronic access control and temperature monitoring for a wide variety of applications including nurse's stations, pharmacy, laboratory, and patient rooms.


CompX eLocks are installed on cabinets in EMS vehicles for securing narcotics and medical supplies.

Education / Research

Customers in this market require eLocks for securing valuable research samples and data in cabinets, refrigerators, freezers and ultra-low freezers.


Common eLock applications include preventing diversion of drugs/chemicals and standards in quality control labs, and securing valuable samples, data and specialty chemicals in R&D labs.

Industrial / Safety

eLock installations include tool storage and chemical storage cabinets to limit access and control inventory.

Food / Beverage

refrigerator / freezer eLocks are commonly installed on food grade appliances to limit access and to monitor temperature.

Custom eLock

CompX has partnered with leading tool storage, medical cart, refrigerator / freezer manufacturers to design an eLock that works seamlessly with their products.

Don't see what you need?

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